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Eqaro Guarantees:

Reduce Risk, Increase Capital Efficiency

As the first surety solutions company in India, we aim to educate and provide capital efficient bonding & guaranteeing solutions to businesses & individuals - against conventional guaranteeing solutions like Bank Guarantees & Security deposits that lock in precious cash & collaterals. Our 360* underwriting methods enable us to bring on board best partners for businesses & individuals that require any form of guarantee. 

Global Expertise

Eqaro's counter guarantee partners have the experience of writing contract, commercial and financial surety business across many geographies including the United States of America, Europe, The Middle East, New Zealand and the Wider South Pacific. They bring deep knowledge of the unique features of each market and the experience in pricing and mitigation of risks to the relationship

Wide Product Portfolio

Eqaro offers the complete bouquet of bonding solutions providing assurance of performance under the contract protecting the project owners, supplier principals & brand owners from financial exposure to their clients.
  • Bid Bonds
  • Performance Guarantees
  • Advance Payment Bonds
  • Sub contractor payment bonds
  • Dealer Default Guarantees
  • Residual Value Guarantees
  • Carnet Bonds
  • Financial Guarantees
  • Customs Bond
  • Retention Bonds
  • Rental Guarantees

Extensive Sector Coverage

Eqaro provides the entire range of customised Contract & Commercial surety services cutting across various sectors which include -

  • Roads
  • Ports
  • Water Supply & Sanitation
  • Industrial Infra
  • Urban Infrastructure
  • Railways
  • Airports
  • Power
  • Irrigation
  • Oil & Gas
  • BFSI
  • Real Estate

Trusted Counter Guarantee Partners

Eqaro's Guarantees are backed by the financial strength and global expertise of Ion Insurance Company INC (USA), Southern Pacifc Insurance Corporation (USA) and Northern Light Surety Company SRL. Our counter guarantee partners have been the answers to the most diverse range of bond requirements guaranteeing all forms of contractual obligations. Their surety solutions have allowed their clients far more efficiency in the utilization of their existing cash flows.

Leadership Team

Alok Perti

Independent Director
A 1977 batch IAS with an illustrious career in the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Coal - The government of India.

Malay Mukherjee

Independent Director
Over 40 years of experience in Banking and NBFC including Venture Funding, Factoring and Broking. Ex CEO and MD of IFCI Limited.

Vikas Balia

Independent Director
A lawyer and rank holding chartered accountant with wide exposure to several areas of law, finance, management and policy making.

Vikash Khandelwal

Chief Executive Officer
A Chartered & a Cost Accountant with a successful track record of building & scaling up businesses in BFSI category and a catalyst to bring Sureties to India.

Pankaj Bhansali

Chief Business Officer & COO
A Chartered Accountant with an extensive background of establishing and reorganizing businesses including turning them around.