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Rental Claims

Claiming on the rental bond is an incredibly simple affair. Eqaro Rental Guarantees indemnifies the landlord for the claims notified to us during the period of the Rental Guarantee, and within 30 days of the default or any circumstances which may give rise to any claim.

If Rent is overdue, the Landlord must contact the Tenant within 7 days to establish the reason for the default. If the Rent is not paid within a further 7 days, the Tenant must be contacted again. If the Tenant cannot be contacted, the Landlord must serve notice of requirement to undertake an inspection of the Property in accordance with the obligations set out within the Lease Agreement. To make a claim under our Rental Guarantees, the Landlord can email us the details at along with the following information

  • Details of the unpaid rent
  • Copies of unpaid bills
  • Pictures of the damage to the property along with invoice of costs

You will be contacted within 24 hours. All valid claims will be paid within 5 business days from the date of submission of complete information